Client use case

Sector: Software editor
Interviewee: David Thoumas, Co-founder and Technical Director
Jawg services used: Dynamic Maps
Location: World

Opendatasoft is a leader SaaS platform in the field of data management & sharing, made in France. Their mission is to help organizations value the information they are producing, allowing them to address practical business problems, without requiring technical expertise. David Thoumas, as co-founder and technical director, is responsible for the development team, and provides support to many clients on specific projects.

OpenDataSoft & Jawg

Among the great amount of data passing through the Opendatasoft platform, much is geospatial. For David, There is nothing better than a map to share geolocated information. Opendatasoft needed the ability to distribute and share data on maps from day one.

All default styles of Jawg maps are available by default to all of their customers who use it on public portals. One of the things that David likes the most about the solution is to have a set of basemaps constantly maintained : It's always a nice surprise to see great new styles appear. This allows them to offer richer map contexts to their customers.

For David, the integration of Jawg's services was easy: The interface between our two products is relatively simple. After a short adaptation phase, the maps are up and running for the hundreds of Opendatasoft live portals.

Jawg Maps in 3 words?

Map! Friendly! French!

A solution that works very very well
David Thoumas, Co-founder and Technical Director
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