Client use case

Sector: Relocation Assistance Services
Interviewee: Christophe Chaumard, Technical Director
Jawg services used: Dynamic Maps
Location: France

The purpose of BeMove Group is to facilitate the relocation and mobility of their clients. In this ecosystem, Ariase offers tests of eligibility for internet services, critical to know what will be the best offer in terms of internet speed and cost. As Technical Director, Christophe Chaumard is in charge of the technical team. He deals with different projects, managing planning and various R & D topics.

Ariase & Jawg

On their website, Ariase wanted to offer their users an interactive map allowing to vizualise the internet and data coverage. The map was such a success that it attracted a lot of traffic on the website, and therefore lead to a high volume, and a high cost. This is what led Christophe to seek for an alternative.

When he discovered Jawg, he was happy to meet a French actor who could answer his needs: I found it very interesting. It's as much the technology as the agreement on adequate pricing that convinced him. Once we were reassured technically how to integrate it, it was only a matter of price, we managed to find an agreement, so it was perfect.

In the course of their project, they managed to switch their maps to the new vector maps technology, which offers a much smoother user experience, and reduces the consumption of tiles. The payoff is pretty incredible says Christophe.

Christophe especially appreciated the back-office of JawgLab in the beginning, which allowed him to see which maps responded well to users. It was impressive to us to see all those statistics in real time.

Jawg Maps in 3 words?

Responsive, Professional and Friendly

For us, the Jawg experience is downright positive. I would recommend Jawg for their professionalism and also the great quality of their back office
Christophe Chaumard, Technical Director
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