Jawg APIs references

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Get started using Jawg APIs

Jawg’s products help you put a map anywhere, search and route the planet. Here is the list of all our documentation.

  • Jawg Elevation to get elevation values along a path anywhere on Earth’s surface.
  • Jawg Maps service to get maps in raster or vector.
  • Jawg Places to add search bar in your maps.
  • Jawg Routing to add turn-by-turn routing in your maps.
  • Jawg Static Maps to get standalone images of your map that can be displayed on web and mobile devices without requiring JavaScript or any dynamic page loading.

Rate limits

When you use our services with a basic plan, you will be rate limited. If you exceed your rate limit, you will receive a HTTP 429 Too Many Requests response from the API. If you want to increase you rate limits, please contact us.

The following table list our current rate limit for each service. The rate limit is counted per account and IP.

API Default requests per seconds
Elevation 1 request per seconds
Places 1 request per seconds
Routing 1 request per seconds