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About the docs

Before we get started, we wanted to share our mindset with you. As developers, we spend a non-negligible amount of time maintaining API-Docs. While we all know we love to get verbose and tell the world about each details and how we implemented this, and why we did it that way, we also realized most people just want things to work great, and fast.

We strongly believe in practical approaches, and we tried to cover and combine relevant samples for you to use and make your integration much easier.

If you are looking for more thorough and detailed integrations, we have both real-life apps and links to the original SDKs and libraries which will give you what you want without any doubt.

Still struggling? No worries, our team will be happy to answer your technical questions via Twitter @jawgio in either French or English (for now!!!).

Ohh, one more thing. Have you heard most docs are boring? Well we tried to make this one look more like us. Spoiler alert: These docs are full of terrible jokes, fun facts, and pointless GIFs. We hope that you will both find what you’re looking for and have a great time reading it!

Getting started

Fasten your seatbelt and get ready to start building beautiful apps with jawg maps.

Get started with Jawg Lab

With Jawg Lab anyone, no matter their technical or design experience, can quickly and easily build stunning custom maps. Instantly publish one of our default styles, or quickly create a map style to exactly match your needs in only a few clicks.

Create account on Jawg Lab

Integrating Jawg in your project

There are many ways to integrate Jawg in your project. We provide multiple tutorials to fit the technology you use. Here are the tutorials to integrate your maps in leaflet, Mapbox GL JS, QGIS, ArcMap and tableau.

Integration Documentation

APIs Documentation

Get started with Jawg Elevation

Jawg Elevation is an API to get elevation values along a path anywhere on Earth’s surface.

Jawg Elevation documentation

Get started with Jawg Maps

The Maps API allows you to retrieve vector or raster tiles generated by the lab.

Jawg Maps documentation

Get started with Jawg Places

Jawg Places is based on Pelias which is a modern, geographic search service based entirely on open-source tools and powered entirely by open data. You can access the full documentation here.

Jawg Places documentation

Get started with Jawg Routing

Jawg Routing is based on the OSRM Project which is a modern routing engine for shortest paths in road networks. OSRM based on open-source tools and powered entirely by OpenStreetMap data. Work in progress.

Jawg Routing documentation

Get started with Jawg Static Maps

Static maps are standalone images of your map that can be displayed on web and mobile devices without requiring JavaScript or any dynamic page loading.

Jawg Static Maps documentation