Routing API reference

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Jawg Routing is based on the OSRM Project which is a modern routing engine for shortest paths in road networks. OSRM based on open-source tools and powered entirely by OpenStreetMap data.

Endopoint to use,52.517;13.397,52.529;13.428,52.523?overview=false&access-token=
\___/   \_____________/\____/\_/\__/\_________________________________________/\_____________/\__________/
  |           /         /     |   \              |                                   |              |
scheme     domain service version profile   coordinates                          options  authentication token

Add the Jawg Routing to a map

There is currently no library fully compatible with our routing service (they do not include access control by default). We recommend you look at the OSRM documentation to see their API. Leaflet Routing Machine can be a good starting point for routing integrating to your maps.

Documentation of OSRM