Client use case

Sector: Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Interviewees: David Martins, GIS Project Manager, and Audrey Derouen, Geomatician
Jawg services used: Dedicated Map Server, Custom map style
Location: France
Chamber of Commerce and Industry Paris Île-de-France (CCI Paris IDF)

The Paris Ile-de-France Chamber of Commerce and Industry's mission is to support companies in the region in their development and represent their interests with the public authorities. David Martins is in charge of the Geographical Information System of CCI Paris Ile-de-France. He ensures the maintenance, the enrichment and the good functioning of the GIS. Audrey Derouen is a geomatician, she uses tools and associated data to work on GIS studies.

CCI Paris IDF & Jawg

While David Martins had to work on the implementation of a new regional GIS, he had to review the uses and practices of what was used until then. The maps exploited at the time presented several problems: poor aesthetic, lots of storage space required, outdated data.

Looking for an alternative, David Martins contacted Jawg and decided to move forward with their solutions. The commercial relationship is professional and honest, but it is above all the flexibility to accommodate at the operational level that has been appreciated. Since the start-up phase it has been running smoothly for almost 4 years says David Martins.

At CCI, maps are used to be printed on paper or put in slides. The aesthetic side is of fundamental importance, explains David Martins. Jawg was able to work on other specific topics: isochrones, deployment of an embedded tile server, etc. What they appreciated with each collaboration is to have people in front of you who are reactive.

What David Martins likes most is a little bit of everything, it's the quality of the base map, it is the technical competence behind, it is the fact that we can count on you. Audrey Derouen particularly appreciated being able to customize the maps as desired during a co-design workshop with a Jawg maps expert. To work like that makes the difference.

Jawg Maps in 3 words?

Professional, Responsive, Nice

You can go with confidence, they will find a solution suited to your needs and they listen
David Martins, GIS Project Manager
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