Client use case

Sector: Home exchange platform
Interviewees: Aldric Monnet, Chief Technology Officer, and Camille Lalanne, Product Manager
Jawg services used: Dynamic Maps and Geocoding
Location: World

With over 125,000 members in more than 130 countries,HomeExchange is a platform that connects individuals from all over the world wishing to exchange their homes for short or long stays, at the same time or at a later time, and whether or not they are reciprocal.

In their team we have Aldric Monnet, Chief Technology Officer (CTO), who structures and organizes the development and deployment teams, and is also in charge of the long-term vision in order to remain competitive.

We also have Camille Lalanne, Product Manager, in charge of defining, developing and managing the product throughout its life cycle, as well as gathering needs, identifying opportunities and monitoring product performance.

HomeExchange & Jawg

For HomeExchange, cartographic data plays a key role within the platform, the map being at the heart of connecting its members. This is why, when their previous provider decided to close their APIs, HomeExchange seriously questioned the possibility of managing their own OSM server to ensure maximum reliability.

But as Aldric points out, cartographic data is a living matter that is often not consolidated. It was therefore better to rely on key players in the industry.

With a very tough deadline and in the middle of the summer, the project was daunting, but taking the decision to work with Jawg was quick: No one reassured us like Jawg did with their responsiveness and the quality of their responses. We knew we had found the right partner to rise to the challenge!

The team responds quickly, offers solutions and gives good advice whereas with a partner like Google Maps, we’d often be made to feel like customer number 8727-3.

In addition to the expertise and the human aspect, Jawg is 100% made in France, like HomeExchange, and as Aldric states: I'd rather rely on a French Tech player like Jawg than allocate the project budget to an industry giant like Google Maps.

Thanks to this proximity and regular exchanges, they were able to integrate Jawg in record time. In addition, there were no interruptions of service and the scaling was achieved without any roadblocks.

And since then, the collaboration between Jawg and HomeExchange has continued to help the platform optimize its search function and improve the user experience. When there are flaws in the data, the Jawg team reacts quickly to correct and improve the service, a win-win for HomeExchange and Jawg.

What I really appreciate is that I feel it's a real partnership in the sense that we share a common goal which is to provide the best map to our users, adds Aldric.

Jawg Maps in 3 words?

Responsiveness, reliability and collaboration

A reliable and quality solution with a responsive and friendly team
Camille Lalanne, Product Manager
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