Client use case

Sector: Online hairdresser appointment scheduling
Interviewee: Damien Anfroy, Marketing Director
Jawg services used: Dynamic & Static Maps, Geocoding
Location: France

The mission of Kiute is to provide a platform allowing anyone to search for nearby hairdressing salons. The solution is also focused on filling the blanks in the agenda, by giving out unbeatable prices. As Marketing Director, Damien works on the acquisition and retention of customers within both the website and the application of Kiute.

Kiute & Jawg

In their model, proximity is essential because their only target are local businesses. Users of Kiute are looking for a hairdresser near their work, or their home. This is where the map comes in handy, allowing them to be guided in their choice of salon. For Damien, the ability to locate our partner hairdressing salons is strategic !.

Since July 2018, Google Maps has increased their pricing. At the same time, this arousal coincided with an increase in volume at Kiute. Damien had to quickly find an alternative to handle these fixed costs. It is a demo of Jawg's services that convinced him. The quality is there, the price is there, there is no debate!

Very quickly, we were reassured about Jawg's ability to guide us

For Damien, Jawg's adoption was easy and the change of the mapping system did not affect the conversion rate at all. The Jawg team was able to assist Kiute's technical team during the integration and advise them on the adjustments to be made, in order to facilitate their migration. Since the integration, Damien never had to worry about operations. For him,it's a real comfort in everyday life.

After more than a year of use, Damien estimates that he found in Jawg a real alternative to Google Maps for his maps and geocoding services.

Jawg Maps in 3 words?

Efficient, Reliable and Relevant!

A real alternative to Google Maps
Damien Anfroy, Marketing Director
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