Client use case

Sector: Software Company, Real Estate Website Editor
Interviewee: Arnaud Weber, Technical Director
Jawg services used: Dynamic Maps
Location: France
La Boîte Immo

La Boîte Immo is a software company working with about 6500 independent real estate agencies in France, and more than 35,000 users. It is also a publisher of real estate websites, with more than 5200 active client websites to this day. Present since the early days of the company, Arnaud Weber holds the position of Technical Director.

La Boîte Immo & Jawg

As a publisher of real estate websites, La Boîte Immo integrated Jawg Maps on all their client websites. There was a time when La Boîte Immo had hesitated to internalize and serve their own mapping services. Today, Arnaud testifies it turned out that it was more interesting for us to work with external technologies such as Jawg.

What reassured him at the beginning of the project is the ease of integration of the service extremely smooth and extremely simple. After the setup stage, Arnaud never needed to call for support. It worked right away and then we did not have to bother.

With more than 5,200 client websites and 20 new sites per week, a key factor for Arnaud was the fact that he could use the maps services on a large number of domain names. The API keys of Jawg can do just that and be used on several websites, suiting their needs completely. It was one of the critical points that made me dismiss a certain number of competitors says Arnaud.

Jawg Maps in 3 words?

Simple, French and Fast

Simple, French and Fast
Arnaud Weber, Technical Director
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