Client use case

Sector: Online medical appointment scheduling and teleconsultation
Interviewee: Olivier Menir, Director
Jawg services used: Dynamic Maps
Location: France

Olivier Menir runs the company , which aims to support patients at each stage of their treatment. For this purpose, the platform offers a number of services including online appointment scheduling and remote-consultations. Today there are almost 3 million unique users. & Jawg is mainly a directory of health professionals and uses Jawg specifically on the results pages to show nearby practitioners. At first, the code snippet used a free version of Jawg on the website. As traffic grew significantly, they switched to a paid plan seamlessly. I also used Google Maps in some of our pages, and it’s true that since they changed their pricing, we only kept Jawg who already prevailed beyond the technology.

Since the beginning, Jawg always provided a real support process and offered me a plan that suited my needs, says Olivier, I really appreciate this kind of relationship that is very fair. Beyond the commercial side, it is the aesthetic aspect that also seduced The default theme is very neat, it is very satisfying in terms of customer experience. For Olivier, the implementation of Jawg is really easy : one API, one line of code.

Jawg Maps in 3 words?

Easy, Fair, Partner

For me, it's really easy
Olivier Menir, Director
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