Client use case

Sector: Roadbook platform for bikers
Interviewee: Martin d’Allens, Chief Technical Officer
Jawg services used: Dynamic & Static Maps, Geocoding, Routing
Location: France
Liberty Rider

Liberty Rider is the rescue app for anyone owning a motorcycle. It can detect an accident and simultaneously alert emergency services, while sending along critical details (like the geolocation of the accident). One can also find roadbooks, for all kinds of ride. In short, it is a "must have" made in Toulouse. At the heart of this project, CTO Martin d'Allens covers all the technical aspects of the application.

Liberty Rider & Jawg

Liberty Rider exposes a whole variety of services, including maps, static maps in newsfeeds or dynamic maps displaying the details of a trip. Search services are also provided for users to find specific geographic locations. At LR, we use Jawg in most of our services.

When Jawg reached out to Liberty Rider, some of the employees of Jawg had already been using the app just thought it would be nice to chat. Following up with a few calls, Jawg was able to answer all questions from Martin and his team without being limited to their own scope.

Having a lot of map traffic, it was obvious to Martin that changing their provider would not be a risk-free operation, especially for a startup. Reassured by a very responsive support, it was also the fact that Jawg teams demonstrated great flexibility and a progressive pricing, which allowed the startup to make the leap in complete peace of mind.

They are people you can talk to, who will be able to carefully listen to your challenges and help you solve them. They are not a Big company where we would just have been another client among many others

Over time, LR's mapping needs have become more diversified, and Jawg kept on advising them and releasing the right services meeting those needs, and that is interesting. What does Martin appreciate most? I do not need to worry about it. It just works.

Jawg Maps in 3 words?

Maps, Brillant, Fun

They are people you can talk to, who will be able to carefully listen to your challenges and help you solve them.
Martin d’Allens, CTO
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